Stupid Comment of the Day

New Gear To Protect Sea Life by Cornelia Dean in The New York Times.

“It’s part of the collateral damage fishing causes,” said Tim Werner, who directs the marine conservation engineering program at the New England Aquarium. “You deploy a net and catch a turtle, put out a pot for a lobster and entangle a whale, put out a trawl and pull up coral.” The problem affects marine species around the world, many of them endangered. Though much attention is paid to overfishing, “often our greatest impact is not on the species we target to catch but the species we did not intend to catch,” Mr. Werner said. “The seafood on your plate,” he added, “is not the only animal that gave its life to feed you.”

The Grumpy Vegan wonders if Tim Werner asks personally every animal he eats if they’re willing to give their life to feed him. Further, what would he do if someone asked him that question.

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