Italian Peasant Vegan Feast

The Grumpy Vegan greatly enjoyed the Italian Peasant Vegan Feast prepared by Maresa Bossano of LOVE Food held this weekend at the Beacon, an arts hub, on the West Hill in Hastings.

The menu consisted of Grilled polenta with grilled aubergine, cherry tomatoes, green olive and almond tapenade. This was followed by Tuscan chickpea soup served with Ciabatta and Walnut Sourdough. The main meal was a selection of salads and dishes, including Caponata, Courgette squash and lentil salad, Tomato and basil salad, Pinto beans with sage and garlic, Celeriac, beetroot and apple salad, Wild mushroom risotto and Green salad. The dessert was Tiramisu and Pears poached in balsamic vinegar and rosemary and coffee and cinnamon.

Virtually all of the vegetables and salads were grown organically and locally by Pannel Organics.

This dinner was in a series of so far five (or is it four?) occasional meals. This feast was attended by 30 people, who ranged from non-vegans to vegans. Photographs courtesy of Gary Baverstock. Click and click again on each one to see a bigger view.

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