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The Grumpy Vegan is not shy in coming forward in declaring his political allegiance is to the Labour Party. Yes, we all know, the Comrades have their, shall we say, issues. Nevertheless, when we look back on Britain’s history the Labour Party is consistently the movement behind all progressive change. What’s more, it’s the party which fights against all reactionary impulses which seek to undo the hard-fought for accomplishments.

This doesn’t mean to say, however, that recognition shouldn’t be made where it’s due. This is why Website of the Week is awarded to Conservatives Against Fox Hunting otherwise known as the Blue Fox. Now, don’t worry, the Grumpy Vegan is not about to change his political colours. But he does want to speak out in support of this group because they are succeeding in drawing attention to those Conservatives who, er, speak out against hunting. Here’s some of their fighting talk which will give you an indication of their steely resolve.

Our message for 2011 is simple and positive, it is very much about continuity and spreading our message. We want to encourage undecided and unknown Conservative MPs to make the right decision and represent the mainstream Conservative supporter’s view against hunting wild mammals with dogs. We will continue to campaign for more fairer representation by our Conservative MPs on this issue and to show they are in touch with the majority opinion not only within the party but in the country and say no to Hunting wild mammals with dogs for sport.

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