What’s New for 2013?

The Grumpy Vegan hasn’t been active here lately because … well, because he’s been busy elsewhere.

Something has got to give, as they say.

This is why the Grumpy Vegan website is going on holiday for a while, which means that la Grump’s alter ego can focus on other things.

For example, Kim Stallwood’s long-awaited and much ballyhooed book (yawn, yawn) will be published this year. The poor thing has got to focus on it. There’s also other stuff that demands his attention. He can only juggle so much!

So, that’s the Grumpy Vegan’s advice, which is to go to Kim Stallwood’s website and follow what he’s up to from there.

Meanwhile, may the blessings of la Grump be with you.

Oh, you can also follow the Grumpy Vegan on Twitter!

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