Hastings Vegan Dining Club Cream Tea!

This month the Hastings Vegan Dining Club treated ourselves to our second cream tea in the home of Julia who, with Rene, put together a fabulous spread. The dining table proverbially groaned with

  1. Three types of sandwiches: tofu and cress, cheating tuna and mayo, and cucumber
  2. Cream cheese and mushroom vol au vents
  3. Scones (wholewheat and traditional) with fresh strawberries, strawberry jam and cream
  4. Fruit cake (baked by the Grumpy Vegan)
  5. Chocolate and banana cake
  6. Chocolate and black cherry gateau
  7. German apple cake
  8. Puff pastry slices with raspberry jam and buttercream filling served with fresh raspberries
  9. A variety of teas, soft drinks, red and white wine, and other drinks as needed but not lashings of lemonade…..
As these photographs testify, it was delicious and a real treat! Who says vegans can’t have their cake and eat it?
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