Bad Dining Experiences

The Grumpy Vegan wrote here in 2006 about Why He Hates to Eat Out. A variety of bad experiences have over the years come to be known in the Grumpy Vegan household as BDEs–Bad Dining Experiences. Tonight, there’s been another BDE.

In Hastings at the (non-veg) Indian restaurant that is reputed by some to be the best in town I ordered a vegetable samosa and potato curry or Bombay Aloo. After eating most of the samosa a small hair was discovered on the plate. Trying to feel magnanimous a complaint was deferred from being made. The matter was let go off. During the consumption of the curry, however, another hair was discovered on the plate. Which is to say a 100 per cent success rate in achieving one hair in each dish ordered in one meal. A complaint was made and the cost of the dish was waived. By the way, both hairs were witnessed by dinner partner.

Yet another restaurant is added to the list that the Grumpy Vegan won’t return to.

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