The Tenacious Grey2K USA

In the last five years alone, 17 tracks have closed for live [greyhound] racing from the West Coast to the East, North and South [in the U.S.]:

Apache Greyhound Park (AZ), Multnomah Greyhound Park (OR), Plainfield Greyhound Park (CT), Geneva Lakes (WI), Shoreline Star (CT), Cloverleaf (CO), Jacksonville Kennel Club (FL),Tampa Greyhound Park (FL), Wichita Greyhound Park (KS), Corpus Christi (TX), The Woodlands (KS), Hinsdale (NH), Mile High (C0), Belmont (NH), Seabrook (NH), Wonderland (MA) and Valley Park (TX).

Phoenix Greyhound Park (AZ) and Raynham (MA) will also close in December and we have just received word that Dairyland Greyhound Park (WI) intends to suspend dog racing as well.

The Grumpy Vegan admires the focused tenacity of Grey2K USA.

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