With Statistics Like These Who Needs Friends?

76% think that hunting wild mammals with dogs is cruel.

97% do not want dog fighting made legal again.

96% do not want badger baiting made legal again.

85% do not want hare coursing and hunting made legal again.

84% do not want deer hunting made legal again.

75% do not want fox hunting made legal again.

72% of people who live or work in the countryside do not want fox hunting made legal again.

59% of voters say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who backed repeal.

58% think that repeal of the Hunting Act should be the lowest Government rural priority.

3% think that Repeal of the Hunting Act should be a government rural priority.

From the League Against Cruel Sports InfoMail 16 October 2009. The Grumpy Vegan, along with every other thinking person, has to wonder why the Conservatives would want to repeal the ban if elected given such public opinion in support of it — other than it’s a symbolic issue for their most ardent rural supporters. Putting aside the animal cruelty issue, supporting the repeal of the Hunting Act is not a smart political position to be in.

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