Website of the Week: Romania Animal Rescue

Romanian Animal Rescue came to Toto's aid.

Romania Animal Rescue deserves to be recognised as Website of the Week for their unstinting work against difficult odds. RAR, like other organisations based in the USA, UK and other developed countries, is dedicating to helping animals in a country other than the one they’re based in.

Of course, animal cruelty and suffering is everywhere and no country is exempt from our inhumanity toward animals. And, of course, groups active in the countries in which they’re based also do sterling work. However, I admire particularly those who seek to overcome boundaries of significant distance and learn how to navigate around cultural and economic challenges to making a difference to animals who are at risk.

Recently, RAR wrote about Toto, who was

hit by a car and is paralyzed. In the area where he lives, people throw stones at him and want him dead. He knows he is not loved. However, a man with a kind heart feeds him and made him a little kennel. I put one of Anu Raatikainen’s blankets in his kennel. This brave innocent dog… walks using his front legs and carefully lifting his hind legs. He is active and eats and he enjoys every kind gesture every kind word. He needs: Treatment and a place where mean people do not have access. Ideally, someone to love him and give him a home. Romania Animal Rescue was contacted for help for Toto. A home has been found in Oregon for this little fellow, but we need help getting him there please! Thanks to support from our Facebook friends, he will be transported from Targoviste to AlmaVet in Bucharest for treatment by the RAR vets, will have his vaccines, possible surgery, deparasiting and deworming, and then will go into foster care awaiting his travel to the USA for adoption.

To learn more about how you can help Toto and other dogs and cats like him who need our help, please visit Romania Animal Rescue.


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10 Responses to Website of the Week: Romania Animal Rescue

  1. Nancy Janes says:

    Oh WOW!!! This is such an honor! Thank you so much! Toto is at the vet’s clinic in Bucharest and getting stronger every day!
    Nancy Janes, Romania Animal Rescue

  2. Simone says:

    Why can’t anyone tell us how this little dog is getting on ? He was last reliably visited on Saturday – since then we hear nothing ? and many people donated towards his welfare ? I am most concerned about him. it is Tuesday, and I have asked Nancy twice about him – and no answer, no photos, nothing ??

    • Nancy Janes says:

      Hi Simone!
      I posted the photo of Toto on Facebook after your request on the tag chat. I’m sorry but I never got a personal message from you at all. Go to my email or send me a message on Facebook if you ever want to ask me something please. Please go to Nancy Janes homepage and see the photo of Toto now at Alma Vet! He’s doing great! We are in the process of ordering a cart for him at the moment.
      The photos are hard to get of Toto since I do not live in Romania – I live in Calif. I ask the staff at AlmaVet for photos and can only wait for their reply – which may not be as prompt as we would all like. But – Toto is doing much better, eating fine and not vomiting anymore, and his diarrhea has stopped. So happy and good news!

  3. Jane Lanham says:

    Can’t say enough great things about Nancy and RAR. I saw a dog on Facebook who was in Romanaia (I’m in US) that I wanted to adopt – Nancy made it all happen and she’s here with me now! Their spay/neuter efforts are to be applauded – it’s the only answer. Great work, Nancy!

  4. Nancy Janes says:

    I just got off the phone with Dr. A in Bucharest. Toto has firm stools today! He has gained 1 pound and he is going to be OK! He may be able to walk on 3 legs, but we are not sure about doing surgery in Romania or if we should wait until he gets to the USA

  5. Nancy Janes says:

    Latest update – Toto has gained 2 pounds!

  6. Nancy Janes says:

    Toto is now healthy and we are booking his trip to the USA!!!

  7. Nancy Janes says:

    Toto will arrive at San Francisco International airport on December 9! I will pick him up and keep him at our home for a few days before driving him to Tillamook, Oregon for adoption with Peggy and her family.

  8. Nancy Janes says:

    Little Toto aka Bruce is now living happily ever after in Tillamook, Oregon!

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