Holy, Organic Lettuce For Sale

Firle, East Sussex

The Grumpy Vegan made his first visit to Firle, East Sussex this afternoon, which is an exceedingly pretty English village deep into the English countryside not very far from the sea.

He took this photo on the way to the church in Firle. The sign says, “The vicar’s organic lettuce 80p, radishes 50p.”

There’s a halo drawn over the “i” in vicar.

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  1. Paul Barlow says:

    I still need to get to Firle. A few centuries ago one of my family married into the Gages to keep their cash within the Catholic brethren, and moved into Firle Place. He may have inherited the place but unfortunately had to skip over to Rome (where he is buried) when he was implicated in the gunpowder plot…

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