Two Favourite Vegan Blogs

Two of the Grumpy Vegan’s favourite vegan/animal rights blogs recently indicated their intention to pause their activities: Erik Marcus’s excellent Vegan blog and Suicide Food. Both blogs have been written about previously here.

Erik writes

One reason is that writing this blog means immersing myself, every day, in distressing material. There’s an emotional cost associated with writing about animal cruelty, because good writing never happens without giving your subject careful consideration. And when your subject pertains to suffering, and you’re carefully considering it all the fucking time, your day-to-day happiness can take a big hit. To put it as succinctly as I can: writing this blog makes me sad. Perhaps the bigger reason I’m ready to move on is that I’m increasingly aware that my daily blogging carries an enormous opportunity cost. The time I spend here requires my most careful thinking, and my day’s greatest expenditure of mental energy. Although I often finish blogging by noon, the person I am for the remainder of the day isn’t as smart and focused as the person who writes this blog each morning.

The Grumpy Vegan (and his not-so-evil-twin, Kim Stallwood) understand exactly what Erik is describing. In fact, these emotions are not the unique possession of people like him (or me/us). The good news, however, is that Erik continues to blog but not so frequently. Please follow him, as he is an invaluable resource. Don’t always agree with him, but, hey, does that matter? It’s good to be challenged occasionally. And good luck, Erik, with the new projects!

The folk(s) at Suicide Food write

But we’ve reached our limit. Oh, there are more shills out there. The world will never run out of animals living for their chance to die, animals who find their highest calling in the mad dash for death. Our files are stuffed with literally hundreds of unused images, with more uncovered or emailed to us all the time. But we’re done. We’re hanging up our scolding cape. We can’t say whether this is a permanent retirement or just a sabbatical. We might be back in a week. Or a month. Maybe we’ll adopt a lackluster once-a-week posting schedule. We might pop in from time to time with especially vile specimens from suicidefoodism’s wretched workshop. Or we might just slink off to embark on another grand/stupid obsession.

Again, many thanks, Suicide Food! A great, original project which creatively showed the animal industrial complex for the crass, stupid and delusional mess that it is. But, hey!, the Grumpy Vegan is keeping his RSS feed intact to you. He doesn’t want miss anything you do. And nor should you.


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