Taunted Cow Shot in English Street

If the Grumpy Vegan was taken inexplicably from his home, put into the back of dirty vehicle without food and water, and transported and sold several times over only to end up waiting to be killed in a slaughterhouse so that some people could eat me, if this were my chance I’d be pretty angry and want to make a break for it. What’s to lose? My days of my life were counted before I was born. My destiny was set unbeknownst to me. So, you find yourself in a place you’ve never been to before. Dazed. Confused. Angry. Hungry. Thirst. Bewildered. Chased and pushed by large vehicles in pathetic attempts to stop me from doing what comes naturally: Protecting myself and my life. But it’s all to no avail. This brief freedom was all too confused and stressful. At least I die in the open air and not on the slaughterhouse floor along with my herd. I would like to see the drivers prosecuted for unnecessary suffering. How’s about it RSPCA?

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