Hastings Vegan Dining Club

The Hastings Vegan Dining Club met recently in the home of Richard and Lonnie, which is where our group first met some three years ago. Our first dinner consisted of five people whereas our latest was almost 20! Richard and Lonnie write the Organic Gardening column for Kitchen Garden magazine. Richard is one of the club’s most popular chefs as he likes to push the boundaries of vegan cooking. Even when cooking a traditional ‘pie n veg’ dinner, he makes it extra special with a delicious mushroom and chestnut pie, which is made with gluten-free pastry. Everyone admired the pie’s proud disposition on the plate while lamenting our own individual attempts with collapsing pastry. The puff pastry (again made with gluten-free flour) was filled with custard, chocolate and caramel. You can always tell when the food served at the Hastings Vegan Dining Club is particularly good as everyone stops talking and quietly (and reverentially) savour every mouthful. Several guests had to eat two each of the pie and the pastry because they were so unbelievably good. (Don’t forget to click on each photo to get the full picture!)

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