Guardian Getting It Wrong Again About Vegetarianism

What is it about The Guardian and vegetarianism?

In what is otherwise a smart, progressive newspaper, The Guardian and its sister Sunday paper, The Observer, continually puts its foot in its mouth when it reports on vegetarian and vegan issues. Search this Web site for an embarrassing catalogue of incidents. They happen so frequently that the Grumpy Vegan can’t always be asked to post them here.

Anyway, here’s one more. The writer, Ariel Leve, says she’s a vegetarian of some 30 years. Well, good on you, Ariel. But the Grumpy Vegan can’t think you’ve learnt much about vegetarianism in this time. Oh well. Here goes. She writes, for example, in There are six kinds of vegetarian… that number 4 is The Moral Veggie.

Frequently self-righteous because they’re vegetarian for moral reasons which makes them better than you. They tend to pass judgment on meat-eaters.

Oh, perleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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