Hastings Vegan Dining Club

This past Friday evening the Hastings Vegan Dining Club met with the largest number of members ever! Twenty-one! We all sit down to a delicious meal in Hastings’ very own vegan bed and breakfast, Bay Tree House. Penny and Trevor, the proprietors, and their two daughters made us all feel very welcome. After a delicious piping-hot tomato soup, we devoured a TexMex-themed meal of refried beans, salsa, salad, chips and dips. Then, we had the most scrumptious of desserts made from home-grown greengages. This was a creamy tofu greengage tart served with greengage jelly and fresh red watermelon. For the first time, we had our own entertainment from Steve and his partner, Sally, who sang songs, including one of their own performed for the first time, and played the accordion. Next up for the Hastings Vegan Dining Club is a picnic on the East Hill on Sunday afternoon, August 21. There’ll be an alternative venue if the weather is uncooperative. See you there!

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