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The Grumpy Vegan recommends Animal Rights Zone as an outstanding place to engage in a thoughtful debate on animal ethics and its application to or relationship with animal advocacy. In their own words, ARZone

exists to help educate vegans and non-vegans alike about the obligations human beings have toward all other animals.  By providing a space for a variety of blog posts, forum discussions, notes, videos and more, ARZone fosters a sense of community among its members. Through live online chats with a diversity of people who work both within and outside of the animal advocacy community, ARZone supports rational discourse and intelligent dialogue about the most pressing issues facing us today. ARZone is dedicated to seeing an end to the violence committed against all others, with a particular focus on nonhuman animals.  ARZone is opposed to speciesism, and all other “isms” that seek to divide rather than unite.  ARZone is committed to non-violence, recognition of and respect for basic rights, and ending the commodification of all sentient beings, nonhuman as well as human. While ARZone does not necessarily endorse or promote the views of each of its members, guests and forum participants, ARZone does endorse and promote creative education efforts.  We cannot form honest opinions about that which we do not understand, and we cannot understand that which we do not carefully consider.

This long explanation indicates the thoughtful approach taken consistently in everything ARZone does. The regular — often weekly — online debates with various key players is an invaluable resource. Take part in them live or catch up with the text afterwards.

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