Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot

Who needs revolting students when you can have drunken men in their Sunday finest brawling in a frenzied stupor on Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot? Sadly, the Grumpy Vegan can’t legally reproduce any of the photos of said regal punch up but we can always rely upon The Daily Mail to keep us up to date with the news and a finger wag. “Lowering the tone,” laments the guardian of the nations’ standards, “A man wielding a £98 bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne gets involved as the fight breaks out between racegoers.” Shock! Horror! It’s the end of civilisation as we know it. “Broken chairs and glasses litter the scene,” the guardian of moral values breathlessly tells us, “and one man is still wielding the champagne bottle as another man shields his face.”

Whatever you do….don’t spill the bubbly!

Anyone for Fortnum and Mason Early Grey?

And then it turns positively homoerotic …. “Man down! One racegoer clutches his head in agony whilst another desperately grabs on to another man’s leg in an attempt to floor him.”

Do check out the pickies at the nation’s guardian of moral values.

What ho! Such fun!


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