Hastings Vegan Dining Club–Mexican!

The Hastings Vegan Dining Club got together recently for a Mexican-themed evening meal at the home of Pete and Kim. That’s the nice Kim in the group. As opposed to the other one who shall remain nameless.

We started with a chips, salsa, guacamole, green chilli pickle which we’re all home-made! And, as you can see from the above, delishiooiuiisishh. Then, we had a sweet corn chowder with sour cream, guacamole and salsa. The main course consisted of a competition as to who could make the best burrito with refried beans, green chilli, salsa, sour cream and, yes, guacamole. You were told it was a Mexican-themed evening!

The crowning glory to the evening was a FANTASTIC chocolate chilli cake with lime frosting. Within five minutes of it being presented to the already stuffed vegans …. it was gone! And judging by the look on nice Kim’s face, well, she knew it was going to be talked about for years among us in future get togethers.

In fact, we did stroll down memory lane and made a note of all the differently themed meals and dishes we’ve had: Caribbean, English cream tea, 1970s dinner, classic French, chocolate ravioli, picnic, traditional Christmas, Burmese, Thai, Korean, faux Domino pizza, Bombay fast food, Italian, Indian and Halloween Scary!

Who says there ain’t enough food for vegans to eat?

Who asks what do vegans eat?

Come to the Hastings Vegan Dining Club and find out!

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