Veg News Responds …

I am, of course, sympathetic to the circumstances which Veg News describes in its response to VegNewsGate to the challenge of producing a magazine on a limited budget. I cited earlier my experience with The Animals’ Agenda magazine. I completely understand their circumstances.

Nevertheless I find their statement explaining and justifying their use of photographs of meat and dairy dishes and representing them as vegan as unacceptable. To use such a photograph once when at the last minute a replacement is needed under the pressure of a deadline is one thing. But to make this a routine editorial practice is quite something else.

This will, for many people, question the veracity of the magazine. A tragedy that could have been avoided. And helps no one.

Further, a colleague pointed out an earlier episode in which the magazine’s editorial integrity is questioned. Again, I know what it is like to publish a magazine and incur the wrath of people who disagree with what you decide to include or not and what you say or don’t say as the case maybe. Here’s the link. Judge for yourself.

Clearly, we need magazines like Veg News. I truly hope they take the necessary steps — and be seen to be doing so — to move beyond this crisis and resume their mission to advance cruelty-free living.

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