Hugh’s Fish Fight

Yes, the Grumpy Vegan knows he’s not vegan. Or even a vegetarian. Yes, he knows he promotes meat and dairy a lot. And in ways that are revolting.

But he leads a very successful campaign against keeping egg-laying chickens in battery cages. Yes, it’s problematic.

Now there’s Hugh’s Fish Fight. In less than one week since the first one of his three-part TV documentary aired on Channel 4  he’s recruited more than 500,000 people to sign a petition against the EU policy of throwing fish back into the sea. Yes, it’s problematic.

Regardless of what anyone may say, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is making a remarkable impact in public opinion and public policy in support of animal welfare and sustainable agriculture. Yes, it’s problematic.

But give credit where credit is due. Don’t see many other individuals or organisations achieving such a massive impact for animal welfare and public policy anywhere.

As an animal rights vegan, of course, there are problems with what Hugh does. Yes, of course, the Grumpy Vegan would like to see Hugh promote veganism. Nevertheless, I’m glad he does what he does. He’s making a tremendous difference in public opinion and putting pressure onto elected representatives and bureaucrats who make the decisions about what happens to animals.

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