You Would Think By Now

You would think by now that with all the blood we’ve spilt in our superstitious religious rites; in our political struggles for power and control; in animal research laboratories for our health and safety; in wars to determine our national boundaries; in slaughterhouses to feed us; in bullrings to entertain us; and in countless other places and times – we’d live in a world in which no one is poor, suffering or enslaved. It’s time to expose and reject all belief systems which are the expense of someone else. It’s time to discover those which reveal truths we can all believe in; which foster compassion to inspire us to act altruistically for others; which reveal non-violence as a way forward to fundamentally address the challenges we all face; and imbibe us with a sense of interbeing, the interrelatedness of all. Until then, things will not change. And yet more blood of the innocent will be needlessly spilt by the naive.

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