SAFE’s “Animals on Show”

Last year the Grumpy Vegan sang the praises of Animal Rights, Human Values, Social Action, an important educational resource produced by SAFE–Save Animals From Exploitation, which is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. This large format book, which includes a DVD with 10 visual and oral texts and 21 printable images, is suitable for students in social studies, history and English.

SAFE have now produced “Animals on Show: A critical analysis of the animal entertainment industry,” which is the third in a series called “Animals & Us.”

Six units of study (English, Social Studies and Biology) are included in the comprehensive multidisciplinary resource which questions the fate of animals in zoos, circuses, rodeos and aquaria and poses the following critical questions:

How should humans treat animals and the natural world?
Is it acceptable to treat living beings as commodities or objects for our entertainment or profit?

Animals on Show follows the same format as the first two issues, providing a wide selection of written and visual texts that debate the use of animals in entertainment. The resource also includes a DVD with a range of news items, documentaries, film clips and visual images.

As we can now expect with this series, “Animals on Show” is an excellent publication and highly recommended. For more information, please visit SAFE.

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