Edward Carpenter

Edward Carpenter 1844-1929
The Grumpy Vegan gave a talk last night to the local branch of the Hastings Labour Party on Edward Carpenter. The comrades found it interesting, if the ensuing discussion is an indication. Here are the reasons why Carpenter matters today.

* Charismatic “prophet” who advocated a new age of fellowship whereby social relations would be transformed by a new spiritual consciousness
* Prolific socialist writer and public speaker never officially affiliated with the Labour Party but immensely influential in the early years of Britain’s Socialist movement
* Framed a form of “ethical” socialism incorporating feminism, pacifism, environmentalism, animal welfare, “green” living, etc.
* Lived his ideals by living modestly in a homestead growing and selling fruits and vegetables and making rope sandals to sell
* Lived openly with male working class lovers and openly advocated “homogenic” love

For more visit the Edward Carpenter Archive.

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