Farewell Franzi

If there’s one thing that the Grumpy Vegan thinks that differentiates those of us who care deeply about animals from the great unwashed, uncaring rest of what’s laughingly called humanity (well, yes, over the top but my defense is that it’s Friday afternoon and it’s true!) is how we react and our attitudes to when an animal dies.

As you read this animals are slaughtered by the billions throughout the world without thought or feeling. No moment of silence or touch of compassion for the 3,578th chicken slaughtered this morning in just one slaughterhouse or the life taken from the 173,834th rat killed in just one research laboratory so far this year.

So, when the Grumpy Vegan reads the account by Animal Asia’s Jill Robinson of her and her friends and colleagues saying goodbye to Franzi, I weep and wish that every animal killed by our stupid, selfish species will one day receive the same compassion.

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