Which Side is Up?

A recent study suggests that the chemical industry will have to spend €9.5 billion (US$13.6 billion) on safety testing over the next decade. This is to comply with European Union (EU) legislation (REACH) on chemical safety. It is six times more than expected, and worse than that, the tests may require an estimated 54 million animals.

EU tries to avoid using 54 million more animals published by the pro-animal research Understanding Animal Research


The 7th World Congress on Alternatives to Animal Experiments in Rome ended with the issuing of a statement from the organisers stating that due to scientific advancements in alternatives, animal testing of chemicals, cosmetics, pesticides and drugs will be “totally redundant within 20 years”. They explain that the developments discussed at the conference, ranging from genomics (gene profiling), computational technologies and cell based tests, are sufficiently well advanced, that they could replace animals sooner than anticipated. Prof. Herman Koëter, one of the organisers of the congress said: “These technologies, bringing together so much more knowledge of possible adverse effects of substances on biological systems than we were able to detect and understand ever before, will make us consider the use of experimental animals for such purposes as extremely old-fashioned in the foreseeable future”.

“Animal testing redundant in 20 years” published by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.

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