The Profit Question

On one side of the Atlantic US Senator Saxby Chambliss demands US President Barack Obama’s nominee for Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within the Office of Management and Budget, Professor Cass Sunstein, to write a letter saying that he promises to “respect” gun rights and “not take any steps to promote litigation on behalf of animals.”

While on the other side of the Atlantic the animal research business interests celebrate a huge jump in the number of animals uses.

The most important message from the animal procedures figures for 2008 is that we are doing more and better research to find solutions to serious diseases. This is a continuation of the trend which saw funding of biomedical research increase in real terms by over 50% in the decade to 2006, while animal procedures increased by just 12.5% over the same period.

And, again, on the other side of the Atlantic Michigan and Ohio agribusiness are trampling democracy to protect their interests.

Now, remind me. What do the poor babies have to worry about? Oh, yes. Profits.

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