Veganism Can Only Go So Far–It’s the Economy, Stupid

British consumers who in the past were willing to pay a premium for organic, Fairtrade and eco-friendly goods are now turning their backs on buying ethical in favour of cheaper shopping bills, according to a survey.

It is a trend that is likely to be long-term, according to research, which indicated that three in every five shoppers (69%) say they plan to continue cutting back on organic food after the downturn. Two-thirds (61%) claim they will seek to pay less for ethically sourced foods, such as Fairtrade, when the downturn ends.

Recession sees shoppers switch from green to budget products

While this report does not make any specific reference to veganism, it does beg the question in the Grumpy Vegan’s mind that absolute and uncompromising campaigns for universal veganism are dead in the water when for many, many people economic considerations are — and always will be — paramount.

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