The Allotment Looks More Like an Allotment!

Toward the end of last week and before this weekend’s weird spring/winter/spring weather, we spent a productive half-day working on the allotment. As the photograph shows, it’s looking more like an allotment every day!

We planted three rows of potatoes in the far top bed on the left. One early and two lates. It’s not easily seen but we also planted two rows of lavenders on the far and near long sides of the plot.

The bed in the middle now has a cane wigwam structure thingee so that we can plant runner beans in a week or so.

Rhubarb was planted in the far bed on the right but we won’t be able to crop it until next year. Some black plastic was put down to help kill off the weeds. It also has three Rosemary plants.

We started a new, long rectangular bed by laying out and weighing down with sods a black plastic weed barrier. In a couple of week’s time we may be able to lift the plastic and start to prepare the plot for planting.

Meanwhile, it’s off to the supermarket to buy some veg.

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