Cor! What hard work!

It may not look like it from this photo but this amounts to two people's work for one half-day. In other words, one full days labour to clear away one-half of our 10-rod allotment. And we haven't even planted anything it. (But the potatoes are chitting.)
This morning was our first time working on the allotment. Five hours and two mowers later we cleared one-half of our 10 rods. Trying to avoid buying as much as possible our first mower was a rental but it died — only to work perfectly well when it was returned to the hire company. Moments later back at the allotment, well, it died again. So, the third trip to the hire company this morning saw the mower’s return. Our hire fee was waived. Quite right, too! So, our non-purchasing mantra is cast aside and His Lordship buys a mower, which, within less than one hour of use, dies. Meanwhile, the Grumpy Vegan rakes the grass cuttings and does his best to clear the land.

With one-half cleared it was time to call it a day. The remaining half which needs to be cleared has a steeper slope down the hill. And, so, we’ll probably need to get an industrial mower and a strimmer. All this just to grow some vegetables. Anyway, the DIY store accepted the return of the little-used but deceased mower. We leave the allotment with the satisfaction that we accomplished one-half of our goal for the day. If only we had a decent mower.

Anyway, our reward was a late lunch in the Jenny Lind. A pint of Speckled Hen and a vegan version of their veggie breakfast. And now for a nap. This makes it seem all so worthwhile.

Oh. And the views. With very little cloud in the sky but with a brisk breeze, it was a glorious opportunity to look across the Old Town valley toward the East Hill Country Park and out to the sea glistening in the distant sunlight. Can’t wait for our shed to be installed and to sup Voddy and organic pear juice in plastic beakers in the late afternoon sunshine.

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