The First Visit to Our New Allotment

The ground is overgrown and lumpy but the soil looks to be fertile.
This morning the Grumpy Vegan and His Lordship made the first visit to our new allotment. On a bright, cold morning we walked around the 10 rods (about 27 feet x 70 feet) that has been (ahem) allotted to us. It is on a gently sloping ground with views across the valley toward the East Hill and the Old Town. We can see the sea in the distance. Clearly, it is a very sunny location. There is also room for a garden shed, an outdoor sitting area and compost heaps. We plan to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, berries and a cutting garden for flowers. The soil looks excellent. We will need to prepare the area first because it has not been worked for some time. It is overgrown with grass and weeds. The ground needs to be cleared, marked out into subplots for cultivation and a network of paths. It has always been our intention to rent an allotment from Hastings Council since we knew we were going to move to the town. It is exciting to see that we are, at last, in a position to move forward on this. Look for periodic updates on Grumpy Vegan as this (ahem) ground-breaking project develops.

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