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Support the National Anti Snaring Campaign

The UK is one of only five European members that still allow animal snares to be used. Ireland, France, Spain and Belgium have far stricter snare rules compared to the UK. This is why the Grumpy Vegan designates the National Anti Snaring Campaign Website of the Week!

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  1. *cAt*ivist says:

    Is there anything we can do?? The campaign site asks for donations but surely there is more we can do – letters to MPs, etc? I know the petition was rejected before, but that doesn’t seem like a good reason to take the pressure off!

    • Kim W. Stallwood says:

      As with many animal issues, the most important action to take is to speak out against the practice of snaring so that more people know it takes place despite its regulation. Also, if you’re a frequent walker in the countryside, is to look out for traps and remove them if found. Finally, I encourage you to contact directly the Anti-Snaring Campaign for advice — as they’re the experts! Thank you for caring and getting in touch. Kim

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