Boycott Bjork and all the rest of them

I think if I wore a swan around my neck I would sing like Bjork too.
The Grumpy Vegan never did like the pretentious, affected and screeching voice of Bjork. And, now, there’s another reason to peer disdainfully down one’s nose at her and that ugly nonvegan swan costume. She is Icelandic and Iceland is resuming the commercial hunting of whales. We don’t really need another reason to boycott Bjork. But we’ve got one. Norway is on my shit list, too. It’s the only other country to hunt commercially. Might as well add Japan to the list. They say their whaling is scientific. Yeah, right. Me and my few dollars won’t be going in their direction any time soon. I wish now I never bought my 88 Honda that sits outside my house. It is remarkable, however, that it just keeps on going.

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  1. Saia says:

    So basically, you’re saying you should boycott her just because she’s Icelandic? I’m vegan but i’m argentinian, and Argentina has been called “the world’s granary” because of their finest meat products, among others, so you should boycott me as well? i completely disapprove it, and i’m sure she does disapprove Iceland’s hunting of whales as well. There’s no logic at all in your words.

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