Snowy Old Town Hastings

Grumpy Vegan's back yard after a night of snow.

The snow arrived late last evening and fell through the night. It’s now not snowing but there’s a mean wind, the sea sounds rough and the sky is dark grey. But at 8am on a Sunday morning you can also hear children laughing and singing as they walk through the snow. There will be tobogganing on the East and West Hills later! And folks out for a stroll, too.

Who can identify the figure hanging on the wall? Who knows that the Grumpy Vegan knows that I know they know already….

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Hunters Want to Kill Cats

The Herald Sun in Australia reports Victorian gun group pushing for the right to shoot stray cats.

Hunters would be allowed to shoot cats that stray from houses on to public land under a controversial plan being pushed by a Victorian gun group. The Sporting Shooters Association of Victoria wants the State Government to change the law to allow hunters to kill any cat it considers a risk to native fauna. The push to legally destroy family pets and feral cats is among a range of changes the group is seeking. They include new hunting seasons for cockatoos and galahs, the vulnerable crested pigeon and new regulations for slaying of eastern grey kangaroos. In a report requesting amendments to wildlife regulations, the association says destruction of native wildlife in Victorian forests could be “partly mitigated if there was a provision to destroy cats within specified distances of dwellings.

Suggestions please for Problem? Answer: Animal. Solution: Kill Them.

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Hunting, Politics, Royalty and Animal Rights

What to make of the political autobiographies and what they say about the Hunting Act 2004 which banned fox hunting and other bloodsports?

Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair wrote in A Journey that he didn’t ‘feel’ the issue. (305) May be that was why the Labour government had to be dragged kicking and screaming to ban bloodsports. Continue reading

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